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  The owl is acutely aware and adaptive. He routinely varies his behavior and defensive strategies to adjust to changing conditions. He is flexible in his feeding habits and nest-building choices. He varies his territories to fit food supplies and population densities. His vision and hearing are outstanding. In this, the owl makes a perfect model for mastery. Owls have much to teach us about living in a conflicted and ever-changing world. We would be wise to attend to them.  

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Why MNG?

Whether your organization is facing turbulent times, explosive growth, or normal transitions, The Mark Nelson Group has the experience and navigation skills to get you where you and your company want to be. Mark Nelson has personally led businesses and people through three recessions.

The Mark Nelson Group is uniquely positioned to guide their client companies to new frontiers, driving them to achieve substantial increases in revenues, market share, profitability, and overall business growth and success.

What We do

Simply stated, The Mark Nelson Group helps business owners and leaders create and sustain the necessary strength and vitality to take their company to new horizons. Using practical and market tested methodologies MNG will help you create new levels of business energy, fueling growth with a primary goal of long term sustainability.

Our offerings include: Business and Market Strategy; Customer Strategies; and, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment and Retention Programs.